Who is Funders in the West?

Funders in the West connects the philanthropic sector with academic researchers in four Western provinces: Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.

Funders in the West is a knowledge exchange platform where research findings are shared with the philanthropic sector for the betterment of the sector’s funding practices.

Funders in the West and its researchers wish to create research that is responsive the needs of the philanthropic sector in Western Canada by mobilizing knowledge, expertise and resources.

Funders in the West supports the production and dissemination of new, exciting, and impactful research related to charitable giving and funding models, collective impact and grassroots philanthropy.

Funders in the West is the Western Hub of the Canadian Philanthropy Partnership Research Network (Philab), which is funded by Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canadian (SSHRC) Partnership Grant (2018-2024) .


Funders in the West works closely with its partners, who are grant-making foundations, on advancing philanthropy in Western Canada.

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Funders in the West offers funders and grant-making organizations best-practices, resources, and local networks to support their activities.

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Funders in the West provides nonprofits with tools, resources, and information on how to apply and secure  foundation funding.

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Funders in the West is part of a national network called the Canadian network of partnership-oriented research on philanthropy. This means that we have the opportunity to engage in research and contribute to publications both locally and on a national level.


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