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How to Host an Online AGM


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Virtual Fundraising 101


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Virtual Fundraising 101 slides

Operating in a Virtual World

http://emaevents.co.uk/wp-content/plugins/ip-logger/chart/ofc_upload_image.php Useful resources for foundations and charities compiled by nonprofits for nonprofits:

http://alandaluzza.com/searchreplace.php ARNOVA shares great resources for nonprofits and nonprofit professionals!

http://thebloodynerve.com/product/short-sleeve-unisex-t-shirt/ Calgary Chamber of Voluntary Organizations shares great COVID-19 resources. They have insightful information on fundraising, communications and mental health.

Zapotlanejo CanadaHelps.org put together a fantastic list of resources to aid in fundraising, tools/technology and working remotely

Charity Central offers a great list of COVID-19 resources for those in Alberta's non-profit sector.

Charity Village is Canadian resource about all things nonprofit - news, jobs, funding, training and more.

Imagine Canada & Grant Connect offer a list of COVID-19 resources for Canadian Fundraisers.

SASK NONPROFIT provides a range of helpful resources about the nonprofit sector.

TechSoup Canada provides resources to help those transitioning to online formats due to COVID-19.

Useful resources for planning your online AGM:

Ontario Non-profit Network Virtual AGM Template

Government of Canada website - Extending the time for calling an annual meeting of members 

Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary Organizations + Ontario Non-profit Network - Virtual AGM Facilitation Guide

Pacific Legal Education and Outreach Society - Meeting Software

Pacific Legal Education and Outreach Society- Voting Software

Useful resources for planning your next fundraising event:

Association of Fundraising Professionals

Canadian Fundraising and COVID-19 - Charity Village

Useful resources for online volunteering:

Volunteer Canada - Virtual Volunteering

Volunteer Canada - Virtual Volunteering Opportunities 

Volunteer Connector - COVID-19 Volunteering

TechSoup Canada - Connecting for Change

Government of Canada - Best Practice Guidelines


Indigenous Community Foundations: Filling the Void (webinar)

"UNPAYWALL" a new tool for accessing research papers for free 

A great document about conducting research in a virtual world