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Uncovering the Potential of Administrative Data on Charitable Foundations in Canada.

Iryna Khovrenkov, Lynn Giduck

This is the first study of its kind to evaluate the research capacity of administrative data pertaining to Canadian foundations. Specifically, this article discusses the various sources of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) data on foundations and potential research questions that can be answered using this rich dataset. To help ensure the direction taken with future research was responsive to community needs, the authors consulted with representatives from 11 grantmaking foundations in Regina (Saskatchewan, Canada) as well as Philanthropic Foundations Canada (PFC) and the Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF). These consultations showed that there is an appetite from the sector to collaborate with researchers to pursue avenues that provide robust intelligence to help charitable organizations in their decision-making. READ MORE...

Does Foundation Giving Stimulate or Suppress Private Giving? Evidence from a Panel of Canadian Charities.

Iryna Khovrenkov

This unique study analyses the inter-dependent relationship between foundation giving and private giving. Specifically, empirical analysis reveals a significantly positive relationship between foundation giving and private donations to social welfare and community charitable organizations in Canada. To explore this relationship, the author utilizes rich Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) data on foundations and charitable organizations in Canada. This empirical evidence finds that private donors seek foundation grants to guide the direction of their reflective charitable giving. READ MORE...

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PhiLab was devised as a place where the scientific mission is utilized, as much in its fundamental, collaborative (with…) and applied dimensions. You will find on PhiLab’s website contributions from:

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