Funders in the West is a new website providing information and resources to Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia.  We hope the following FAQ's will provide you some additional insight on how Funders in the West can help your organization or research.

Can anyone be a partner?

Funders in the West is looking for foundations to partner with the website.  At this time we are not creating any partnerships with other nonprofits or charities. To become a partner, press HERE.

Do you have grant money for my nonprofit or charity?

No. Funders in the West is not a grant-making organization or foundation.  We have an available grants list we have compiled to assist your organization in locating money.

How do I use the available grants list?

Foundations we partner with or those that have provided us with information are listed on the available grants list.  You must complete your own due diligence by researching the foundation, grant criteria, due dates, etc.  We simply provide a list of possibilities in your geographical funding area that may be able to provide you funding if you qualify and apply?

How can my foundation be listed in your available grants list and/or on your important deadlines calendar?

Foundations can be listed in our available grants list by contacting Funders in the West to share some important information needed to be listed on the site.  At this time, you can also provide deadline dates to be added to the calendar.  To contact us with your interest, press HERE.

Do you have a list of charities or nonprofits I could connect with for a collaboration?

No. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA's) Charities Directorate has a Charities Listing you can use to find charities.  For the link, Press HERE

Can you help me publish my working paper or research?

No, we cannot publish working papers or research, but we can list your work in our documents tab.  To share your work with us press HERE.

Do you hold any training sessions?

No, at this time we are not providing any training sessions.  From time to time, we advertise external training opportunities on our blog. To learn more press HERE.