Funders in the West Hires A Hub Coordinator

2017-07-08 18.13.11

Research Leads, Iryna Khovrenkov, assistant professor with Johnson Shoyama at the University of Regina, and Lynn Gidluck, acting community research unit coordinator with the faculty of arts at the University of Regina are excited to announce Katie Schutz has joined Funders in the West as the Coordinator for the Western Hub of the Canadian Philanthropy Partnership Research Network.

“I’m really excited for this opportunity to bring together foundations, charities, and nonprofits. I enjoy starting new and innovative projects to strengthen the charitable sector. I can’t wait to see how this vision takes shape as we build networks and resources across the west.” – Katie Schutz

Katie has over 12 years of experience in the charitable sector.  She received her undergrad from the University of Regina in 2006.  She went on to work for the United Way of Calgary and Area before moving to Ontario to complete a Masters’ Degree in Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership from the School of Public Policy and Administration at Carleton University.

“We are incredibly fortunate to recruit Katie to this role,” said Khovrenkov.  “Over the next four months, she will be working diligently to expand public awareness, build networks and connections to improve the website’s content. “

“Funders in the West will continue to change and take shape as we bring forward evidence-based research on grant-making foundations and educate and promote awareness about grant-making foundations,” added Gidluck, “We look forward to enhancing current networks and facilitating new collaborations between researchers, grant-making foundations, nonprofits, and charities.”

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