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Kirando Are you new to the nonprofit sector, or like many of us, do you now find yourself working in the nonprofit sector wishing you new more? Would you like to advance your career in the nonprofit sector? Or are you now leading a nonprofit or charitable organization and feel you need more training? If so, the find more information Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management from the Johnson Shoyama Graduate School (JSGS) of Public Policy at the University of Regina may be right for you!

Nonprofit leadership and philanthropy graduate programs are not uncommon in Great Britain, Australia, and the USA.  Academic leaders in Canada have begun to recognize the importance of the nonprofit and charitable sector in Canada and are creating programs to develop nonprofit leaders.  So, if you can’t study in Indiana at the Lilly Family School of Philanthropy, the University of Kent in England, or the Australian Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies, perhaps you want to consider staying in the west and developing your knowledge from JSGS in Regina.

This graduate certificate will deepen your practical and policy knowledge of the Canadian nonprofit sector.  You will also explore strategic leadership in the sector, focusing on governance, executive leadership and board of directors’ roles in strategy formation and implementation. “This program is excellent for nonprofit board members, executive directors or CEOs, senior leadership personnel, fundraisers and fund developers, and those who wish to advance their careers in the sector.”  - Iryna Khovrenkov, Assistant Professor, Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy, University of Regina.  

I myself, completed the Master’s Degree program in Philanthropy and Nonprofit Management from Carleton University.  If I had been aware of the graduate certificate from JSGS, I would have saved a lot of money in travel to Ottawa, and tuition if I had stayed in the west. Not to mention I would have been able to develop a network of nonprofit leaders who live in the west!

The Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management requires only three certificate courses, well suited to accommodate the working professional.   The program will help you develop analytical skills to evaluate frameworks needed to strengthen your organization. It will also help you to critically assess policies that advance functionality and contribution of the non-profit sector.  Finally, the Graduate Certificate will help you develop a local network of nonprofit leaders by actively engaging in discussions with other experienced practitioners who are passionate about the sector.

Registration is now open.  To learn more, press HERE.

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